Thomas Bayrle

German Pop by "Bayrle" - Anarchy in Construction !

Thomas Bayrle (* 7. November 1937 Berlin), living in frankfurt

Title – Anarchy in Construction (https://artcollection.wayne.edu/picture-of-the-week/anarchy-in-construction-37146)

Object – 1971, Color serigraph on light cardboard. 66.5 x 58.5cm (67 x 59cm). Signed, dated, titled and numbered. Ex. 19/100 framed, edge of sheet minimal fresh

Provenience – auction

Thomas Bayrle (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Bayrle) is a german painter, graphic and visual artist, son of Artist Alf Bayrle (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alf_Bayrle)
Being a pioneer of German Pop Art, Thomas Bayrle is best known for his ‘super-forms’, large images composed of iterations of smaller cell-like images. Humorous, satirical, and often political, his paintings, sculptures, and digital images are commentaries on the systems of control and domination in a rapidly globalizing economy, via allegorical references to traffic patterns, mass production, and the generic designs of popular goods such as wrappers and wallpaper. https://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/thomas-bayrle-playtime