Boys at lake tanganyika

Artist – Martin Munkácsi (born Merton Marmelstein or Mermelstein
*18. May 1896 Kolozsvár Austria, Hungary; † 13 July 1963 in New York

Titel – Boys at lake tanganyika
printed 1931, sheet fed gravure by neogravure company / France

Martin Munkácsi was one of the most famous photographers of his time and is considered the father of modern fashion and moving editorial photography.

The motive „Boys at lake Tanganyika“ is considerate one of the most Iconic motives in the history of modern photography – this is what Henri Cartier Bresson wrote to Joan Munkácsi, 25. May 1977:

„Probably in 1931 or 1932 I saw a photograph by your father of three black children running into the sea, and I must say that it is that very photograph which was for me the spark that set fire to the fireworks […] and made me suddenly realize that photography could reach eternity through the moment. It is only that one photograph which influenced me“ (Henri Cartier-Bresson)