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A Private Collector Finding a Niche away from Traditional Philanthropy Founder and director of FRANKFURT ART EXPERIENCE, Tyrown Vincent has

Tyrown Vincent



FANG HEAD (gabon), TÊTE FANG D’ANCÊTRE, FANG „Nzaman“ reliquary head („NLO BYERI”), Tête de reliquaire origin: equatorial forrest, africa region:

Artist Paris Giachoustides

Born in 1990 in Serres, Greece, Paris Giachoustidis is now Berlin based and mostly works with existing images that he finds online through algorithms and on social media

The Frankfurt Art Experience 2021

The third edition of frankfurts gallery weekend – THE FRANKFURT ART EXPERIENCE 2021 (founder and director Tyrown Vincent

2nd collaboration Städelmuseum x „a private collection“

Collaboration Städelmuseum x Tyrown Vincent (a private collection, frankfurt), Image – Lucio Fontana „concentto spaziale“(blue)

Will McBride

„Mike in the shower“, Schloss Schule Salem, Berlin 1963, reprinted 1990, galantine silver print, signed, annotated, dated by the artist
copyright for this image Will McBride Archive (one original print of this photo owned by

Tyrown Vincent für das Hessische Ministerium

Tyrown Vincent (Director, The Frankfurt Art Experience) im 6. Kreativwirtschaftsbericht des Hessischen Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Wohnen

BAUHAUS (post war)

Artist – Rudolf Nicolai (Hochschule für Baukunst und Bildende Künste“ in Weimar) minimalistisches Objekt nach 1970