reclining female, nude

Artist – Rudolf Nicolai (*01. febuary 1918 Schkeuditz, † 1998 Niederdorfelden)
Title – „reclining female, nude“
Object – painting, made est. 1954 ?, size 43,5,0 cm x 30,5 cm (17,1 x 12,0 inch)
artist name signed frame in the back, accompanied by handwritten notes in pencil
canvas, acrylic paint

Provenience – bought from the estate of the late Artist
copyright for this picture (owned by

Rudolf Nicolai, post war abstract painting in the style of the time, (canvas/acrylic paint), original state, incl. frame, cleaned, artist info: German painter and sculptor (1918 born in Schkeuditz near Leipzig), 1938-40 training and work as a church restorer in Wroclaw, stud. 1946-51 at the Academy of Building and Visual Arts in Weimar (follow up Institution for „BAUHAUS“ wich was closed during 2nd world war), 1959 winner of the international painting competition „Painters see Stuttgart“, 1963, the exhibition in the „Salon International Bosio“ in Monte Carlo, 1965 Darmstadt Sezession, 1968 „Art and Plastics“ in Wiesbaden, 1969 Museum on Ostwall Dortmund, u. a. Member

1946 – 1951 Student and graduate at „Hochschule für Baukunst und Bildende Künste“ in Weimar
1950 – exhibition within the „Black Davis Price“
1951 – Request of the Contemporary Archives (Venice Biennale) of reproductions of the painters work
1956 – exhibitions in Frankfurt, Munich, Mainz
1959 – Award winner of the international painting competition „Painters see Stuttgart“
1961 – exhibitions in France (Galerie Cadomus, Caen)
1963 – exhibition in Monaco, „Salon international Bosio“
1965 – guest exhibition at „Darmstädter Sezession“
1966 – exhibited within the „Hugo v. Montfort Price“, Bregenz
1966 – exhibited at the Norbottens Museum, Lulea/Sweden
1975 – Artist remained to work independent in his atelier until his dead 1998