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Städel Museum presents „The relief“ – time to discover corresponding works within a private collection, frankfurt

„The relief“ – Is it painting or sculpture, surface or space and who are the artists behind these works…

2nd collaboration Städelmuseum x „a private collection“

Collaboration Städelmuseum x Tyrown Vincent (a private collection, frankfurt), Image – Lucio Fontana „concentto spaziale“(blue)

Martina Kügler (Städelschule, Frankfurt)

Martina Kügler (Academy of fine arts, Frankfurt)

„Le Minotaure“ by Salvador Dali

Sculpture „Le Minotaure, 1981

Art Collector Podcast

Tyrown Vincent von „a private collection“ im Podcast Gespräch

Martina Kügler (Städelschule)

Work by Artist Martina Kügler in A Private Collection