2nd collaboration Städelmuseum x „a private collection“

Collaboration Städelmuseum x Tyrown Vincent (a private collection, frankfurt), Image - Lucio Fontana "concentto spaziale"(blue)

Once again the crew from the STÄDEL MUSEUM, frankfurt and the executive curator & ceo of a private collection teamed up for a second highly anticipated digital collaboration.

After the first release of a short Instagram feature in march 2021 on the MAX BECKMANN exibition „BECKMANNS STÄDEL“ wich reached a wide audience allover europe the Städel Crew containing Annabell Hurle (Deputy Head of Marketing) and Franziska von Plocki (Deputy Head of Online Communications) teamed up one more time with Tyrown Vincent (director and founder of „THE FRANKFURT ART EXPERIENCE“ and CEO of „A Private Collection“

In this second „just for the fun“ collaboration the center was an amazing work „concentto spaziale“ by the Italian postmodern icon „LUCIO FONTANA“. By cutting the blue canvas Lucio Fontanta transforms the monochrome painting into a relief. All of a sudden behind the painting opens a new imaginary space through the cut surface.