BAUHAUS (post war)

Artist – Rudolf Nicolai (Hochschule für Baukunst und Bildende Künste“ in Weimar) minimalistisches Objekt nach 1970

RUDOLF NICOLAI minimalistic object after 1970 ?

Artist – Rudolf Nicolai
(*01. febuary 1918 Schkeuditz, † 1998 Niederdorfelden)

work: dimensional object & form, original state

title – „no title“

size: 50 x 50 cm (19,68 x 19,68 inch)

material: wood, pvc, paint, metal, screws

Provenience – bought from the estate of the late Artist
copyright for this picture (owned by )

artist info: German painter and sculptor (1918 born in Schkeuditz near Leipzig), 1938-40 training and work as a church restorer in Wroclaw, stud. 1946-51 at the Academy of Building and Visual Arts in Weimar (follow up Institution for „BAUHAUS“ wich was closed during 2nd world war

1946 – 1951 Student and graduate at „Hochschule für Baukunst und Bildende Künste“ in Weimar
1950 – exhibition within the „Black Davis Price“
1951 – Request of the Contemporary Archives (Venice Biennale) of reproductions of the painters work
1956 – exhibitions in Frankfurt, Munich, Mainz

1959 winner of the international painting competition „Painters see Stuttgart

1961 – exhibitions in France (Galerie Cadomus, Caen)

1963 the exhibition in the „Salon international de peinture et de sculpture de Monte-Carlo Salon Bosio

1965 Darmstadt Sezession

1966 – exhibited within the „Hugo v. Montfort Price“, Bregenz

1966 – exhibited at the Norbottens Museum Lulea Sweden

1968 „Art and Plastics“ in Wiesbaden

1969 Museum on Ostwall Dortmund, u. a. Member

1975 – Artist remained to work independent in his atelier until his dead 1998

2018 – group show at gallery „Hanna Bekker vom Rath“ (