„Imago“ by Zuza Krajewska

Contemporary photography from poland - "Imago" by Zuza Krajewska

Contemporary photography from poland

artist – Zuza Krajewska (1975), graduate of the Gedańsk academy of fine art

title – „Ptak“ (bird) from the series „IMAGO“(2016)

object – pigment print on moab juniper baryt rag paper, 300 gr., 2/3 + 1AP

size 47,00 cm x 36,00 cm, (18,50 x 14,17 inch)

Provenience – from the estate of the Artist
copyright for this work, rights and original photo owned by the artist, reproduction of image owned by

Zuza Krajewska is a professional art photographer from poland and was already published by international magazines such „iD, Vice, Vogue, Photo, Szum, Elle, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Mens Health, Instyle, Playboy“ etc.

She has taken part in numerous international gallery and institutional exhibitions in which she presented art works created outside of her commercial activity. Most of them are concerned with the issues of human corporeality, eroticism, perceptions of gender and the stereotypes surrounding it.

In 2016, Zuza Krajewska surprised the international art scene – she showed a new series „IMAGO“ of photos taken in the juvenile detention center in Studzieniec in poland. This is a completely new subject in the photographer’s work – by taking photos of teenage residents of the reformatory, Krajewska distanced herself even further from her prior work and entered the world of documentary. Looking at these faces, we find it hard to believe that their experiments with adulthood are thefts, beatings and rape for which they are punished. They seem like heroes from a Ken Loach’s films, searching and real, we look at them with hope.

Moreover, the work on this project absorbed the author more than she expected. As she says herself, the work planned for a few weeks was extended to a full year.

„I entered this project because it puts me at an interesting meeting point of many issues: ruthlessness, crossing borders, punishment, but also children’s sensitivity and the need for love and acceptance“

– says Krajewska in an interview for the magazine „iD“.

The collection of photos of young boys from the reformatory, isolated and punished for small and big crimes is a mixture of moving, intimate portraits with photos closer to classic photojournalism. The author tells the story of the center’s inmates on many levels, showing their everyday life here and now, but thanks to capturing their emotions and feelings – also about their usually dramatic experiences from the past.

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