„Do you know“ Video released

Enjoy a private behind the scenes visit with executive collector Tyrown Vincent of "a private collection"

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Es hat tatsächlich eine Weile gedauert bis ein Termin gefunden wurde für ein exklusiven Besuch vom Team „DO YOU KNOW“ (http://doyou-know.com/)- 12 Monate  um genau zu sein.

Umso schöner wurde das Ergebnis. Sechs Stunden verbrachte Leon Spanier (https://www.facebook.com/leon.spanier) vom „DO YOU KNOW“ Vlog Team (https://www.facebook.com/doyouknowvlog/) mit Tyrown Vincent, Frankfurter Kunstsammler, Sprecher und executive curator von „A Private Collection“ um exklusives Video Material zu drehen. Im Mittelpunkt stehen private Momente der bürgerlichen Kunstsammlung die im frankfurter Altstadt Distrikt um die Ecke des Kunst Gallerie Viertels beheimatet ist.

It actually took a while to find an appointment for an exclusive visit from the „DO YOU KNOW“ Vlog Team (http://doyou-know.com/) – 12 months to be exact.

The result was even more beautiful. Six hours were spent by Video director Leon Spanier (https://www.facebook.com/leon.spanier) and the DO YOU KNOW Vlog team ( http://doyou-know.com/) to shoot exclusive video material with Tyrown Vincent, Frankfurt art collector, speaker and executive curator of „A Private Collection“. The focus is on private moments within the bourgeois art collection, which is located in Frankfurt’s Old Town district.

Living With Art Is Easy by Tyrown, Frankfurt – Germany

Tyrown Vincent, event producer and show host from Frankfurt, owns a private art collection and explains how art influences his everyday life. Behind every piece there are a fascinating life stories to be heard, exciting details to be discovered, emotional happenings to be shared. Tyrown shares his love for art with us and you too can have a look at his collection located Frankfurt! So, are you also an art lover? He regularly organizes tours during open days, check it out: https://www.a-private-collection.coma-private-collection.com

Gepostet von Do You Know am Mittwoch, 17. April 2019

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