bmw art guide by independent collectors

"a private collection", frankfurt featured in the 7th edition of the BMW ART GUIDE, Access to 304 private collections in 224 Cities and 51 Countries

Georgina Pope, Nina Raftopoulo, Tyrown Vincent, Sandra Gehrer, Art Basel 2022, copyright BFA

We at „a private collection“, frankfurt, are delighted to be part of this amazing project the 7th „BMW Art Guide“ by Independent Collectors Berlin. The collection is a representation of all things close to our heart and has an average of up to 600 visitors a year (by appointment only!)

Created in the tradition of „bourgeois salons“ it is located in the heart of Frankfurt´s oldtown, neighboring with world famous Schirn Kunsthalle, Museum of modern Art (MMK) and Frankfurt Kunstverein. We truly believe in cooperations & collaborations because „An art collection always offers the possibility of self discovery and an encounter with ourselves“. Find below photos from our past collaborations (left to right – „Home of the brave“ Museum of modern art (MMK), „Offen City“ Urban Media Project, „Städelclub“ Frankfurt Städel)

We wish to say „Thank you“ at #bmwgroupculture, #independentcollectors (berlin) and their complete team for the countless support.

Tyrown Vincent, Art Basel 2022, copyright BFA